2017        Social Science Research Council Transnational Research Junior Scholar Fellowship January-August 

2016        Fulbright Global Award  

2016        Neubauer Collegium, University of Chicago, with Jonathan Levy, Amy Dru Stanley, and Elaine Hadley 

2016        University of Chicago, Center in Hong Kong
2015        Boston College Research Incentive Grant, June 2015,  declined.

2015        Institute for Advance Study, Princeton University, (alternate candidate).

2014        Visiting Scholar in Residence, Max Planck Institute, Halle/Saale, Germany, July

2013        Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Ethnography of Sex Worker Network,".

2012        Rice University, Humanities Research Center, Fellowship on Human Trafficking 

2011         Rice University, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities

2011         Soroptimist Founder Region Fellowship

2010        Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

2010        UC Berkeley Chancellor’s University Fellowship, declined

2010        Sociologists for Women in Society Chow-Green Women of Color Fellowship, declined

2009       UC Berkeley Dean’s Normative Time Fellowship

2008       UC Berkeley Institute for East Asian Studies, Graduate Research Fellowship

2007        Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Diversity Fellowship, Honorable Mention

2006        Chancellor’s University Multi-Year Fellowship, UC Berkeley

2006        National Science Foundation Fellowship, Honorable Mention

2005        Stanford University Graduate Student Fellowship